imperfectbalance replied to your postDear “best friend” 

I love how you like to hide behind a screen and seek to make other people uncomfortable. You say you state all these things because others lack to do so, so why not come off anon and tell him, please, you do the same as the “others”, you’re no better

jenni <33

To your fortune honey you don’t know this kid as well as i do or at least as well as i consider i know him. Due to my knowledge of his personality and the visibility of his inability to accept the truth the only other way to help is to make it clear that truth has come and can come from anyone surrounding him. 


tiredoffenvyingclouds replied to your post: Dear “best friend” I would like to inform you that this message was not for you to reach an epiphany I do feel sorry for the necessity you find in publicizing your distress. Even though we clearly realize the need for attention this reply…

It’s nice that you assume i’m a girl :D keep dreaming and good luck to you too “friend” of Franky it seems as though you have the same problems if not more so than your biffle. 


There have been several years that i have spent as the background within the various groups of society. The time has come that the truth has been waiting for quite some time as you read on and come to comprehend the twist and turns of high school life you will find these confessions to be true for you as well.